Going backwards to go forwards ... (strategic deployment in a rearward direction)

It is counter-intuitive - it just seems wrong - and that's why so few of us do it with any regularity. Going backward ... in order to better move forward may seem like a futile strategy  but sometimes it is the very best option.
Like most if the  great things I have learned, I learned this lesson on the mat. Guard passing is the perfect example - our instinct, when we are starting out - is to go forward - straight forward, with no deviation. Then as we improve we learn to move left and right as well as forward - and then we add up and down - over and under, etc ... but moving backwards seems to the last thing that most of us are willing to try - and so it is off the mat.
I have applied this mat lesson to my life away from the mat - in many, many instances. Some examples .. of moving back to better move forward could, be ..
- walking in the wild. A straight line to a planned destination is often the very worst way to. Note the animal tracks.trails ... they have worked this out.
- a joyless relationship/marriage. It might hurt to end it ... it might hurt financially and emotionally; but it may also set you on the path to meeting the love of your life.
- investments. It might be a bad time to 'sell' an investment (shares/property/business, etc) but sometimes in taking a much lower price than expected allows us to re-invest (money/energy, etc) into something more worthwhile in the ,long run.

Going backwards to move forwards ... sometimes, this is exactly what it takes to make great gains. JBW


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