Falling Forward

Someone once told me - ‘the first one through the door always gets bloodied’. This goes to why the average person doesn’t tend to innovate; there is often a price to be paid for being the first. Being the first, means we are delving into the unknown - fear of failure will pull most people up before they even begin. This can, in my opinion, be largely attributed to the fact that our basic educational system rewards success and punishes failure. Our time in school can often leave us avoiding all activities that could increase the possibility of us experiencing failure. Success - after all - is the catch-cry of the modern world. Yikes!!! I say ‘yikes’ - because that is not how we learned to walk, run, talk, ride a bike, climb, etc. We tried - were happy with failing - in fact we ‘failed forward’ - and over time, learned effortlessly! JBW


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