People come in a wide variety of flavours ... those who wear their heart on their sleeves, those who keep their real face hidden from the world, those who dislike you openly, those who smile to your face yet undermine you subtly and strategically, those who will applaud your successes, those who envy you, those who are there when you need help, those who are nowhere to be seen when the excrement hits the fan, those who know you, those who think they know you and those that don't care to know you at all ... just remember this, you cannot please everyone all of the time ... so don't bother trying.
Be healthy ... your body shape does not define who you are, any more than the colour of your eyes, or the shape of your nose ... 
Be happy, the things you own or bank balance does not define who you are , no more than the colour of your shoes or the shape of your ears .... 
Be generous, you don't have to have much to be generous of heart, acts of kindness can be small things, the giving of time, or a helping hand ... or even a smile. 
We cannot control others, nor should we try to ... our selves is the one thing we can work with, the thing we can change, the thing we can shape so as to be content, happy, joyful and of benefit to the world:  - JBW


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