Pathways ....

Taught some nice 'pathways' in the novice BJJ class this week - and had great feedback from the students after the fact. Pathways are a sequence of pre-determined moves that end up in a pre-determined finish. Generally, the more steps in the pathway, the less unpredictable things happen and the more likely we are to actually make it to the destination we set out to get to. My own approach, once I have a pathway 'roughed out', is to set about refining each step - most usually, 'thin-slicing' each rough step into several smaller 'more refined' steps ... and so the pathway becomes tighter, more streamlined, more effective. Pathways have a start and a finish - and a bunch of steps in-between. The clearer we are on each of those things, we more replicable the journey becomes. As it is on the mat - so too off the mat. JBW


Guy (The Bearded White Belt) said…
Some great words...keen to see what "pathways" you have in store for us at your next seminar in Adelaide. Looking forward to it!
Guy (The Bearded White Belt)

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