Complexity ... as above, so to below.

Complexity ... as above, so to below.
It is almost inevitable, that as we progress in our study of, or training in a given subject, that we trend toward complexity. As we improve and develop our game becomes increasingly more complex; we might naturally evolve our practise from say, Closed Guard to Open Guard; Open Guard to Spider-Guard; Spider-Guard to Worm Guard, Galaxy Guard .. or whatever the latest pathway is. We do this because it is fun. because the complexity keeps us interested and challenged; but is it the only way to go?
The best analogy I can think of is this: picture a tree; our gaze is naturally and irresistibly drawn up from the ground and into the increasing complexity of it's foliage. We see one branch providing opportunities for more and more branches and so our gaze is drawn outward and upward as we try to make sense of form and structure. it is so very easy to overlook the hidden, the invisible, the buried complexity that remains there under the ground. The root system of the tree, that part that provides nourishment to the greater structure, that foundation that is, in it's own way, just as complex and rich and interesting as that which is above-ground; this is how I see Jiu Jitsu.
I am drawn to complexity like everyone else; chess is more interesting to me than checkers; but I would just like to say this .... the so-called fundamental techniques and concepts can be just as intricate, full of nuance and interesting as the latest and greatest flashy move that someone prevailed with in last years world championships. The nuance is is the eye of the beholder.


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