Choice follows on the heels of knowledge

The more information we have the more choice we have. Knowledge is ‘potential power’; having specific knowledge about a thing does not, in an of itself, guarantee that we make progress or improve our lot; we still need to take action and do something; but having knowledge gives us a larger pool of resources from which to draw; in short, it gives us more choice.

Choice is wonderful things; something that many of us take for granted. Most of us have a choice in where we live, what clothes we wear and what food we want to eat … all choices that are not available to many other people on this planet. 

Most of us are born into circumstances that allow for a plentitude of choice. But, so much more is available (again, largely due tot he circumstances of where and when we were born) to us; we can learn more about almost any topic we wish to become more expert in; and very often, that opportunity to learn comes at virtually zero cost.

Learning is exciting - it can be a lot of fun - it is something that comes naturally to children and is often seen as a chore to adults. The trick is to see it for what it really is - an opportunity for self-improvement. And it’s right there - every day; right on front of us. 

  • JBW


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