Collateral Benefit in 2017

I wish everyone thew happiest of starts to 2017.
Each of us will make countless decisions this coming year, some good, others less so  … but our decisions are all very important, as they ultimately determine how out lives will unfold. But here’s something to consider … they will also determine how others lives will unfold.

Our decisions and the actions that follow them, have consequences. 

In my own experience, I have both learned - and viscerally realised - that when my choices benefit others, my own life gets better. I may decide on a course of action - that at it’s core is based on self-interest - but if it is a good decision, others will also benefit from it. Collateral benefit is one of the best reasons to embark on any course of action. 

As the bee collects the pollen, the flowers benefit from cross-pollination … one of the beautiful truths underpinning the natural world. 

Wishing all a wonderful year ahead - one that propels you forward and helps others along the way.

  • JBW


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