Living on struggle-street isn’t a pleasant experience. Getting a vaccine isn’t a pleasant experience either; but our reaction to that vaccine makes us much more robust and insures us against a much more serious problem down the line.
We don’t need to live on struggle-street to reap the robust-ifying benefits. Just take a stroll down there now and then.. Struggle-street is a place to visit; it’s there we find mental toughness, endurance, fortitude, perspective and a host of other fortifying gifts.
The mat (and life) has always provided me with an ingress to struggle-street; but there an infinite number of such places/opportunities to take a stroll down struggle street ... the gym, a book, a hill, the ocean, a mountain, a staircase, a relationship, a bank loan, etc …. opportunities for embracing the suck, abound - so seek them out and prepare for change. Start small, if you have any say in it ... and your reaction to the 'struggle' might well surprise you - it will most certainly change you. This is how we move from a 'fragile state' to a 'robust state'.

Comments said…
Ha! At my school (I'm a teacher) we call it "The Struggle Bus". I like that because it definitely has the connotation that we'll be debarking at some point rather than living there!

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