Trial and Error ...

The ‘trial’ is the easy part - it’s the ‘error’ that provides the challenging bit. 

We can all try stuff, have a go at this or that, embark on a new direction, experiment, etc … that is easy; even fun; but remember, there is always a price to pay for such endeavours; oft times that price is small, others times it might even cost us our life; but there’s always a price.

The thing is to weigh up the risks and get clarity on what the price is actually likely to be. On the mat, when we try a new sweep or attack or escape - the price (if we fail) might mean that we tap. This is basically akin to zero-cost! A slight bruising of the ego - at most.

At other times, say in investing in real estate, we want to have done our homework; we want to have asked (and answered) questions like: what is the area like, how easily will be able to service any debt; what outcomes are we expecting and over what time period, etc.

We try swimming in a pool while wearing floaties … risk minimal. We try swimming in a flooding river with a pack on our back (I’ve done both) … risk considerable. 

Learning to see the risks for what they represent is one life’s great lessons. And guess what? Yep - like any skill; we get better with practise. Take a small risk today.

  • JBW


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