Beyond Basecamp …

When we first arrive at Basecamp - we are the ‘newbie’, the acolyte, the apprentice. In time that changes, as other newbies arrive. We, in turn, become mentors to a degree. We help the newbies with the ‘lay of the land’ - and suddenly we realise that the newbies are looking to us for direction, for guidance, for help.

We no longer just climb upward, we do our best to pull others up with us. The summit, no longer seems so far away. And then, when conditions are right, on the right day, with the right mindset, having done our apprenticeship, we give it a shot. With a little luck and considerable planning and experience under our belt - we do it. 

Standing on the top of Everest, we reflect on the journey we have made thus-far. We reflect on how it all began. That first, simple, achievable step - and how really, anyone, virtually anyone, could have done the same. But did they?


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