How to use Jiu Jitsu ...

Jiu Jitsu is both an ever-evolving submission grappling art and an experience - it offers utility and it also offers a challenging landscape upon which we can forge a new view of how we can operate in the world. 

I cannot begin to even scratch the surface of the multi-faceted gem that is Jiu Jitsu. I have seen countless people begin in an effort to learn how to defend themselves - yet over time, their reasons for continuing their practise have evolved and changed as have their their minds, bodies and in many cases, their lives. 

We learn to use Jiu Jitsu - like any tool in the most obvious ways at first - and then as our appreciation and understanding deepens, we learn to wield it in ways both unexpected, and even potentially, life-changing. 

It is at once a way of moving, a way of seeing, a way of noticing and of way of being … it will change and morph as will our own view of what it has to offer. Embrace the practise - embrace the study - and you will be rewarded handsomely.


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