Living at Basecamp …

So now we’re at Basecamp. We are hanging out with those like-minded people who share, at least in part, some of our dream. Spending time with those who have ‘been there’, those who have done it, offers us an invaluable insight into ‘what it takes’ without having to undergo so much ‘trial and error’ ourselves. These people become our mentors. 

Rubbing shoulders with people who have made it that far, dramatically improves the chances that we will eventually make it ourselves. When we realise that ‘it’ can be done - and those who have done it aren’t all that different from ourselves, we become much more motivated; we cannot help but take yet another step forward. ’It’, the thing we want, becomes attainable.

In time, life at Basecamp becomes ‘normal’. This is our new ‘normal’. And we can never be the same again.


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