Shaping our Efforts

When we ‘shape’ our efforts we get more precise results. When we settle for ‘general effort’, we can expect very general sorts of results. Shaping our efforts requires that we ‘hone in’ - it requires that we point our attention toward the small details. 
A rough carving, is of course, the first step - then we carve out more detail - and finally we attend to polishing and the very ‘fine’ work. And so it can be with anything that is important to us. Shaping our efforts is like the shift from strategic to tactical. I have learned this on the mat - but now I find it to be something  woven throughout my life.

Counter to Single leg I sent up messing around with my friend Gil Melendez. He never saw the old 'Hidden Bottle' set-up - both strategy and tactics in action. - JBW


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