Why do standards mean so much to me?

When I was a teenager, I studied TKD, Karate and Olympic Wrestling.  Before I had finished highschooI though, I had become somewhat disillusioned in the more traditional martial arts systems as an effective means of self defence; so when I finished year 12 (in 1974) I embarked on an overseas training apprenticeship that has never really ended. 

I trained extensively throughout Asia for over a decade - culminating in the winning of a World Championship in 1982. After this I continued my obsession with training in a broad range of martial arts and eventually (found a way to ‘eek’ myself a living by launching Australia’s Martial Arts Magazine - Blitz. 

A few years after doing so, I sought out the most difficult martial art on the planet in which to earn a Black Belt …. this was back in 1986; and that art, as you all know, was (and is) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After 10 years of highly challenging training, I was awarded my Black Belt in 1997. 

In the twenty (plus) years since, it has been my personal mission (shared with my awesome wife Melissa) to help others also find the value and sense of self-worth that I have, through the study and practise of martial arts.

On my journey, I have met some truly wonderful people and some that I have also found ‘wanting’; I have met the very best of parents, and thankfully (on only two rare occasions) the worst of parents. I have met champions, movie-stars, philanthropists, philosophers, poets, artists, professional modern-day warriors and a plethora of other journeymen (and women). Some have inspired - others have left me scratching my head.

I have seen humanity in it’s full spectrum; and in so doing, I have come to understand a few things - one of the most important being that the highest value, our sense of achievement and our sense of self-worth is intricately and inseparably 

tethered to effort. 

Wishing upon all of you - the same joy and sense of fulfilment I have found (thus-far) in the struggle


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