Micro-positions …

How many positions are there in BJJ? Answer: an infinite amount. 

I have had this conversation with Rigan Machado several times - and I always found it interesting.

Everyone knows and appreciates that positional control is key when it comes to BJJ. And we tend to think of the main - PRIMARY - positions (Mount, Side Control, Closed Guard, Open Guard, Back Control, etc) 

But then we have what we might call - SECONDARY - positions (Knee-ride, Headlock Control, Spider-Guard, etc)

So if we were to expand this idea a little, we would quickly realise that we have many -TERTIARY - positions (maybe things like Ashi Garami, Chin-strap Sprawl, Twister, etc)

And eventually down the rabbit-hole we go - every step in the transition from one position to another could be deemed a micro-position in it’s own right. And he (or she who masters the most positions, wins most of the contests. It’s a simple idea - but one that I must admit, eluded me for quite some time. I hope it helps.

Here working on some micro-positions with the most excellent Caio Terra - some serious - some not as much …


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