12 Perspectives …

  • On Love: The holy grail. Deep, soul-nurturing love. The kind of love wherein she becomes more beautiful every day you lay eyes on her. Love gives us the gift of truly seeing. 
  • On Integrity: Say it and do it. Simple. Keeping promises even when it hurts us to do so. 
  • On Character: This is revealed when things are stacked against us. We are what we do when it counts.
  • On Curiosity: The fuel for your inner learning machine. All learning flows from this. Being curious unearths problems and puzzles; and in solving them we learn.
  • On Learning: Brain food. This is an activity that sees as immediately better afterward. No recovery needed; we simply emerge from the learning experience, better versions of ourselves. 
  • On Teaching: The collaborative process wherein the ideas and thoughts of one mind are magically conveyed to another. 
  • On Money: Stuff that provides options. One of life’s necessary tools. Leverage.
  • On Adventure: The stuff of life. A source of wonderment and discovery. Through adventure we learn about ourselves and our place in the world.
  • On Living: The thing we do between when times welcome and farewell. The infinitely tiny spark of existence that is ‘us’.
  • On Acceptance: One of life’s great skills. We save it for those special, and unalterable occasions; a liberating force.
  • On Loyalty: That thing we tap into when it is most inconvenient to do so. Loyalty only appears when it is tested.
  • On Marriage: The sacred friendship. Made more perfect when each member completes the other. Each coaxing the other toward the best version of him or herself.


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