Having an impact …

There comes a time, perhaps in everyones life, when we ask ourselves - are we making an impact? What footprint will we leave upon the world? Are we making a difference, on the landscapes that are meaningful to us?

I don’t think, deep down, that most people work for money alone? Sure, we need to pay the rent and eat - but beyond that, I think many of us are spending our energy trying to make a difference; trying to leave a meaningful footprint.

For some it might mean making a difference to their children’s lives, making a difference to the health and well being of others, making a difference to the security of others, making a difference environmentally, on the landscape of architecture, gastronomy, science, etc. 

There are things I care deeply about; landscapes upon which I want to bring a positive, meaningful and lasting change. Making an impact can be deeply satisfying and I, for one, am driven by the desire to do just this.


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