Importance of establishing ‘mindset’ in students …

The following kind of thinking sets people up not only for sub-standard outcomes, but for failure - and not only failure in then present but failure at a time in the future when the very skill we are trying to impart, is most needed:

  • This I something I don’t like but need to do
  • This makes me feel inadequate
  • I don’t really, really need this
  • This is an obstacle between me and the thing I want
  • This is difficult
  • This scares me

The alternative thinking will see extraordinarily different outcomes …. EXTRAORDINARILY different!

  • This looks awesome, I might like this
  • I am feeling totally up for this
  • I need this, I really need it
  • This is a step that will take me closer to the thing I want
  • This looks easy
  • This excites me

It is imperative that trainer/teacher instills the right kind of mindset in his or her students. Mindset and perspective dramatically impacts learning outcomes. I have seen so many instructors, with adequate of even good content to deliver - fail miserably because of they failed to attend to this, most important, of class-room fundamentals.


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