The grind … and flying cars

I’ve talked about this a lot; especially on the mat. The grind is there - and if we want to do anything beyond the ordinary, we need to not only embrace the grind - we need to do some alchemy on it - we need to transmogrify it (look it up: I had to) - to change how we see it, to see it for what it really is.
One day we’ll have flying cars - they’re right around the corner - right? Maybe, maybe not - but the ‘grind’ is what those in that industry are doing in the meantime. 

The grind can be exciting, it’s where we get to identify and discard what doesn’t work (ie: Thomas Edison and the lightbulb - 10,000 failures = 10,000 eliminations of what doesn’t work). The grind is also where we learn about ourselves; where we fortify ourselves against future hardships. The grind is where we leave the ordinary people behind.


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