A thanks to those who serve as cautionary tale …

We should not underestimate the value of the ‘cautionary tale’. In my own life, when trying to figure out my own course or trajectory, I look to examples of what I should NOT do, as much as I seek out examples of what to do.

I look at this person or that, and say to myself, I DO NOT want to live like that, behave like that, act like that … and so, I begin to eliminate certain choices/options.
I am reminded of the childhood game of ‘hot or cold’ - we zero in on the target by moving ‘away’ from the negative signal and ‘toward’ the positive signal.
Model those actions and behaviours that get us living the way you want to live - whilst shedding or avoiding those behaviours that take us away from what we want - or send us further from being the kind of person we want to be.
Big thanks to those who serve as a cautionary tale …


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