Learn to see past the veneer of things. Pull back, take the macro view, and see things in perspective. If stuff sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is not true.

The first lesson that I learned was not to fall for ‘martial arts’ bull-shittery; and it’s 95% bullshit out there. When people refer to themselves as ‘master’ - you might consider taking what they say with a ‘grain of salt’! And the martial arts bullshit spectrum is a very wide one - from no-touch knockdown techniques (always a fun watch on YouTube) to the garden-variety of martial arts wankery - the choice is yours.

It’s a maze of craziness that traps millions of people, extracts from them their hard-earned dollars and provides, at the most, low-level calisthenics in return - oh, and a healthy serving of delusion!

Another spectrum to watch out for is the plethora of get-rich-quick schemes on the internet; most will see you will lose money. Something like 92% of people signing up for options and forex trading schemes, lose all their investment within just 90 days; it’s bullshit.

Guru’s and cult-leaders are rife not only within the martial arts community but on the larger landscape of society - learn to spot them and steer clear. Don’t fall for the bullshit!

It can be hard to learn this, as human beings lap up bullshit like cats lap up milk. But, bullshit-proofing yourself is, at the end of the day, is necessary if you want to save time, money and relationships - it is, in my view, an essential life-skill!

Geoff Grant, Judy Taborek and 110 others



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