Keeping abreast of developments …

Agility is a critical attribute.

Technology is evolving more and more rapidly, each year. Governments and large organisations are struggling to keep abreast of the developments taking place in the public sector. This is clear.

The speed at which developments are taking place in the blockchain (crypto) space - is startling. In a not-too-distant future, I think middlemen of all sorts, will be ’blockbustered’ into non-existence. Governments everywhere are just beginning to realise the broad and lasting changes that are coming - from the public sector - and they are struggling to keep up, just in understanding, let alone implementation. Large organisations are NOT agile!

My bet is that China will have a digital currency in place, well before the USA. Think about what this means for the western world. Yikes!

Keeping abreast of changes and developments is a full-time job, if ever there was one! In any field; this should be a ‘category’ in it’s own right. 

Contributing to or driving the ‘development’ in any field, requires a team effort. Such a ‘team’ is comprised of different kinds of people, each bringing a different set of skills to the table. The Macro-ist - the Micro-ist - the Synthesist and the Experimentalist, are a few of crucial examples.

Watching things develop faster than we can adapt and change is bad - keep abreast of development requires agility and a good ‘team’ - but driving that development is where the real action is.


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